Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NYX Shadows Swatches and Review

I LOVE NYX eye shadows. In my opinion, they are the closest any drugstore brand has gotten to MAC quality [though I'm not sure if NYX even counts as a drugstore brand since I can't find them ANYWHERE around here!.]

Recently, Cherryculture had a 50% off NYX sale and I took advantage by buying a ton of shadows and nail polishes. Because the swatches on the NYX site are atrocious, I often have to rely on blogs and youtube videos to get some idea of what I'm buying. I figured I'd do the world a favor and swatch the ones I go, just in case someone out there is dying to buy one of these shades but can't figure out what the color actually is!

All pictures first without then with flash
Swatched on bare skin, no primer.

From L to R:  Gypsy, Pine Nut, Latte Foam
Gypsy has a TON of fall out, and it's quite glittery. Pine Nut is basically the same shade as Gypsy with without the glitter. Latte Foam is somewhere in between the other two shades, also quite glittery. 

From L to R: Cryptonite, Sparkle Cedar, Morocco 
Cryptonite and Sparkle Cedar are glittery and have a lot of fall out as well, but the colors look great together. Morocco is very shimmery and not as blue as it looks in the pan.

From L to R: Purple, Sweet Oleander, Prune
All 3 colors look great together. Sweet Oleander came out looking more purple than pink, but I think that has more to do with my skin tone than with the shadow.


From L to R: Skin Tight, Sunset Ray
I'm not a huge fan of Skin Tight, it seems like a matte version of their Champagne color [which I love with all my heart.] Sunset Ray is amazing, probably one of my favorite orange shadows.


All in all, a great purchase!


  1. they all look totally different with/without light! i was so frustrated by cherryculture, though...every time i tried to get on the website it was down! by the time i saw the messages about the coupons it was too late. so much for trying it out!

  2. ah! I KNOW! every time they have a huge sale, the site goes down and it takes them about 4 million years to send the stuff out. But at 50% off, I can't complain lol. I'm so sad you didn't get to buy anything, though :/ I want everyone in the world to try NYX.

  3. lol well maybe i'll catch them next time. i was bummed :(
    they don't sell them in stores anywhere? not even like ulta or sephora?